1998: Foundation of Company Treitz

The production started with only two employees in a small workshop. Because of the product expansion the company had to increase the number of employees from year to year.

2004: New production plant was built with separate Store and Offices in Ófalu. The floor area was 700 m2.

2008: Partnership started with Norma Group.

After signing the contract with Norma, Company Treitz became one of the main suppliers of Norma Group.

2010: Further expansion

Production started in Bonyhád too in a rented building with a floor area of around 1000 m2.

2015: Moving to the whole new Industrial Area of Bonyhád

A fully equipped, very modern plant was built with a floor capacity of around 2000 m2.

2015: Enterpreneur of the year

George Treitz won the title "Enterpreneur of the year" in the South region in Hungary.

2015: ISO 9001: 2008 certification

2016: Company Treitz's headcount is more than 120 employees