Wage work

Reduce production cost, raise profit!

Our main activity was only wage work in the beginning. Thanks to the high quality level Company Treitz soon became a reliable automotive suppliers.

We had to adjust our wage work services with other segmentsbecause of the expanding market demands. To make our services mor flexible and efficient we are able to expand our headcounts up to 150 persons if it is necessary. We can handle transportation and logistics also. If your company has limited capacity in production or you would like to outsource some of your productions do not hesitate to contact us now.

We guarantee your production costs will reduce.

Wage work services:

  • parts assembly,
  • dismantling,
  • packaging,
  • repackaging,
  • repair,
  • recycling,
  • sorting
  • inspection services (in-process and final inspection)
  • manufacturing
  • quality control
  • temporary logistics solutions for quality system failures

and other semi-skilled labor work made with profession.

Significant cost savings through our first-class wage work services.

Choose our wagework services now. We are prepared for assembling, wrapping or sorting millions of products in excellent quality.

We are specialized to complete all the processes in the most efficient way so we can offer you a competitive price. The quality of our services continuously raising (deadlines, product quality, reliability) in order to meet the requirements of the multinational companies.